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Logos 104

:. Milda Šeduikienė
       Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

Junior Opus



Tapping of Neurosciences into the Kingdom of Beauty

In this article, our goal is to characterize the newest achievements of neuroaesthetics as the cognitive neuroscience of beauty, aesthetic experience and aesthetic judgement. The article highlights the research of S. Zeki, A. Chatterjeee, V. Ramachandran, who are the influential representatives in the area of neuro- aesthetics. The focus is laid on disclosing the reaction of some areas of the brain to the experience of beauty and artworks. Special attention is paid to the role of both the reward system and mirror neurons of the brain in the cases of aesthetic experience and artistic perception. Debates on the role of beauty in a biological world are discussed. The feature of the medial orbitofrontal cortex to respond to visual stimuli is highlighted. It provides the opportunity to explore the viewers’ emotional attitudes as well as improve exposures. The article underlines the tendency to assess emotional reactions of viewers which were caused by the possibility of medial orbitofrontal cortex to respond to the visual stimuli. The role of aesthetic experience as an influential therapeutic factor and important health predictor is emphasized in the article.


Key Words: beauty, neurosciences, neuroaesthetics, aesthetic judgement, aesthetic experience



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