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Logos 105

:. Lina Gotautė
        Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania

Junior Opus



François Jullien's Innovative Concepts for Psychoanalysis in the Light of Chinese Thought Reflection

The article explores developed by a French philosopher, sinologist François Julien psychoanalytic concepts, which are suggested to be used for a more accurate description of the logic of the psychoanalytical process and its components. This results in a deeper effect of the unthought-of (Fr. impensé). The author explains S. Freud’s theoretical psychoanalysis and its elements through the lens of extracts from Mencius, Confucius, Sunzi’s and other thinkers’ works, as well as images of the Chinese worldview. There, a greater emphasis is placed not on the “cold”, rational origin, but on the processual emotional interpretation, characterized by its situativity, adaptation to the relativity of the situation, and decisions, often made based on the ongoing circumstances, without the declaration of the termination of the situation. Offered by F. Jullien concepts enrich psychoanalysis with a deeper and more nuanced specificity of treatment, as well as offer new valuable connotations to Freud’s theoretical principles of psychoanalysis.


Key Words: comparative philosophy, F. Jullien, Chinese thought, S. Freud, psychoanalysis, the unthought-of.


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