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Mariology in the Sermons of Priest Jurgis Ambroziejus Pabrėža

To commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth, the year 2021 was declared the year of Jurgis Ambroziejus Pabrėža (1771-1849). J.A. Pabrėža was a priest, Franciscan, scientist, botanist, educator, participant of Lithuanian Cultural Movement, Samogitian writer and creator of scientific terms, bibliophile as well as professional preacher. Fr. J.A. Pabrėža prepared his sermons with great responsibility, choosing a topic relevant to the time and place and taking into account the mentality of his listeners. He himself compiled his sermons and divided them by topic. The subject of this article is mariology in Fr. J.A. Pabrėža's sermon collection entitled "Sermons on Various Matters". J.A. Pabrėža's sermons clearly reveal marionism in addition to the necessary christocentrism. By focusing on the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ and within Jesus Christ, the preacher associates this proclamation with a special emphasis on the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the history of salvation. Without Holy Mary, there would be no Jesus Christ, and thus there is an interconnection between the worship of Jesus Christ and the reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Key Words: Jurgis Ambroziejus Pabrėža, sermons, The Blessed Virgin Mary, mariology


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