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Logos 108

:.  Aistė Dromantaitė
        Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania




Scientific Sources and Benefits of Coaching Method in Organizations

This article reviews the concept of coaching, its origins and its main directions At the same time, the article presents the method of coaching as one of the tools to improve employee performance, communication in the organization and promote cooperation as globalization processes and rapidly evolving modern information technologies pose various new organizational challenges. Rapidly changing business, economic, health, political, scientific and other trends also affect the formation of new societal competencies and worldviews, as well as the individual's need to reconcile personal and professional life more effectively, and for organizations to increase employee productivity and efficiency, social responsibility and changing behaviour. Not all organizations are able to adapt or learn quickly. In principle coaching provides an increasingly individual-oriented view and analysis of the individual person or team in the organization. The article also discusses the range of potential benefits of this method in organizations and possible solutions to the problems analysed by researchers.


Key Words: coaching, organization efficiency, management, human resources


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