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Logos 108

:.  Olena Kryzhko
        Berdyansk State Pedagogical University, Ukraine




National and Cultural Specifics of Realization of Zoomorphic Images in Ukrainian Folklore Genres

The article is devoted to the specifics of national and cultural symbolism of zoomorphic images in Ukrainian folk genres. The author establishes the national-specific features of the Ukrainian zoomorphic linguistic picture of the world. A fragment of the knowledge of Ukrainians about the animal world, which was formed on the basis of rethought associative and estimated meanings of these nomens, is characterized. The author emphasizes that some properties of objects of reality reflected in the linguistic picture of the world have not been lost. They remain undeniably significant, while Zoosemism, the name of the main category, takes over the basic, prototypical characteristics of the animal species belonging to this group (both objectively existing and belonging to the cultural tradition), which are recorded in the memory of the Ukrainian mother tongue. The study notes that the use of zoomorphic images in Ukrainian folk genres reflects a person's attitude to the world through his life experience, assessment of social phenomena, compliance with norms and principles of morality.


Key Words: hyperonyms, hyponyms, zoomorphic images, zoosemisms, metaphor, symbols, Ukrainian folklore genre


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