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Logos 108

:.  Saulius Lileikis
        Lithuanian Maritime Academy, Lithuania




Conception of Reflective Practice: A Direction of Maritime Leadership

The article discusses the concept of reflective practice in maritime leadership. By being a diligent student, a future maritime professional matures into a free individual, who can realize the political idea of maritime leadership by employing his/her creative abilities. The policy of comprehensive maritime studies is based on the harmony between technological, social, and humanitarian sciences. In the age of high technology, the traditional control function of maritime professionals naturally weakens, making way for the expression of their working consciousness. A culture of reflection in the context of maritime leadership responds to the need for purposeful democratization of seafarers’ relationships and expresses their values and psychological ability to respond adequately to challenges onboard. Meaningful reflective value-based motivation is the foundation of mental self-regulation in difficult situations. In terms of anthropological psychological, axiological, and andragogical praxeological development of maritime leadership, reflection on teaching and learning activities is relevant for both teachers and students, including trainees.


Key Words: reflective practice, maritime leadership, personality, profession, culture


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