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Logos 108

:.  Nerijus Stasiulis
        Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania




The Body in M. Heidegger’s Thought

The article is dedicated to discussing the Heideggerian thought on the body, or bodiliness. This thought is localized in the Heideggerian thought on space and on technology. We discuss how the body appears based on the Cartesian spatiality and how it appears based on the Heideggerian one. The difference between the body as phenomenon and the body as an organism in the openness of Gestell is indicated. The distinction between organism as a mechanistic-technological notion and Dasein as the indivisible unity of body-spirit is analysed. The relation of the transformation of subject into Dasein to the proper openness of bodiliness is demonstrated. The article concludes by indicating the political aspect of this issue. The political aspect comes to light in the link of biopolitics with the manipulative revelation of body, based on the subject-object distinction, which in turn means the forgetfulness of gods.


Key Words: body, Gestell, Heidegger, organism, politics, space


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