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Jonas Nekrašius - Photographer and Traveller

Jonas Nekrašius was born in Šiauliai on August 18th, 1949; he received secondary education at Šiauliai Julius Janonis Secondary School, and in 1973, he graduated from the Kharkiv (Ukraine) Law Institute. Since 1992, he has worked as a lawyer in Šiauliai; from 2002 till 2013, he was a lecturer at Šiauliai University.
Jonas is a publicist of the newspaper Šiauliai News, and a member of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists and a member of the Club of Travel Journalists. He is interested in travel anthropology, book science, and photography. He has presented reports at 32 scientific conferences and forums in Lithuania and abroad (Czech Republic, Latvia, Italy, Japan, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands), published about 400 articles on various topics of law, history, book science, culture, and art. During his trips, he has visited 80 countries on five continents of the world; he has also organized 50 personal exhibitions of photography, ex-libris, and mail art in Lithuania and abroad in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands.
In 2012, Jonas was awarded the Matas Šalčius Prize of the Lithuanian Union of Journalists and the National Association of Journalists for the book “Oleg Truchan - The Legend of Lithuania and Australia”. In 2013, he received Thank You Acknowledgement from the Lithuanian Union of Journalists for participation in photography exhibitions and expedition “India 13. Following A.Poška's routes“. In 2014, he was a nominee of “Kolumbas LT” for popularization of Lithuania abroad. In 2018, Jonas Nekrašius was awarded Vytautas Gedgaudas Prize for the cycle of cultural and historical publications. In 2019, he received Thank You Acknowledgement from the mayor of Šiauliai for his cultural and artistic activity. In the same year he received Thank You Acknowledgements from the Minister of Culture of Lithuania, and Seimas.


Key Words: Jonas Nekrašius, photography, art, expedition


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