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Logos 112

:.  Aistė Dromantaitė
        Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania




The Dark Side of Leadership in the Organization: What it is and How to Control it

Leadership in organizations can not only be discussed from the positive side, with the focus on positive perspectives of leadership, ideal qualities and behaviors of effective leadership, it can also be dark and destructive. The analysis of the expression of leadership with trait theory, empowers us better understand destructive leaders. Such leaders share common personality traits, including narcissism, arrogance, and Machiavellianism, and it is important for organizations to identify such leaders and ensure that they are kept out of leadership positions. This focus on the shadow side of leadership has been fuelled by various political events in recent years, as well as attention to how destructive leaders can undermine the value of their followers. The article aims to discuss the theory of leadership in the context of the Ukrainian-Russian war, as well as to discuss the assumptions of leadership formation in general, especially the shadow side of leadership, to present the characteristics of an ethical and unethical leader, and what organizations can do to recognize destructive leadership and timely reduce the impact of such destructive leadership.


Key Words: leadership, management, organization efficiency, coaching


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