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Logos 94

:. Algis Mickūnas
       Ohio University, USA




Sound of Myth

We discuss mythological consciousness in this paper. We briefly review the already well-known studies and theories that interpret mythology in a narrow scientific approach and therefore confuse different layers of experience. These theories are problematic. They are based on unconsidered assumptions of contemporary thinking that reject mythology as such and transforms it into the object of “instrumental” consciousness. First, mythology is thrown into the fairy-tale kingdom, then it is separated from its viable dimension, and ultimately, its vitality is reduced to the subjective world of man. As a result, mythological experience not only loses its foundation but also loses universality. There is no doubt that the layers of mythology and the living world are closely linked. To reveal their specific properties, and especially their different concepts of time-space and motion, one must analyze these layers individually. We will show that the integration of these two worlds - vitality and mythology - is one-sided. The polarity of vitality is the fundamental and the polarity of the mythological is second covers the entire cosmos and integrates everything that is viable. We will see that the concept of vitality relates not only to vital relationships but also on the modern metaphysics of will, in which, according to all the texts of modernity and postmodernity, everything is determined by force. By opening up the issue of sound phenomenology, we will show that in exploring the mythological language, we should study the sound layer separately, and that was unnoticed in the studies of most of mythologists.


Key Words: mythology, ethnology, rituals, music, sound phenomenology, phonomene


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