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Logos 94

:. Kristina Stankevičiūtė
       Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania




Vulgarity Journalism in Lithuania: a Cultural Review of the Genre

An increasing amount of vulgarity is becoming more and more obvious in public social life as well as in individual behaviour. Vulgarity of speech is gradually becoming acceptable even in public discourse. The article aims at understanding the possible reasons of this socio-cultural trend, as well as establishing the terms of its theoretical analysis. The aim of this pilot research project is to introduce and define the Lithuanian term of “vulgarity journalism” in the attempt to explain its growing popularity, and to review the characteristic examples of linguistic vulgarity in public discourse. The reasons for vulgarisation of public discourse relate to the concept of the 20th century aesthetics of ugliness in culture. Review of examples from the Lithuanian context allows one to make a conclusion. The principal reasons for vulgarity in public discourse are aspirations to communicate criticism to the lowest social layers in a sarcastic manner. Language decorum is seen as an imposition and as an impediment to the freedom of expression/ thought of an individual who considers himself superior to his society..


Key Words: vulgarity journalism, aesthetics of ugliness, vulgarity of language


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