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Logos 95

:. Irena Darginavičienė
       Klaipeda University, Lithuania





The Influence of Culture and Language on the Identity of a Person

The issues of interrelated culture, language and identity have been researched since the 20th century. The majority of researchers support the idea of incorporating culture learning into English language classes. It can raise awareness of differences between normal and natural communication. Moreover, foreign language acquisition helps learners to develop a second language SELF. A Culture Triangle that was proposed and investigated by J. Mole determines people’s behavior and interaction. It illustrates the differences between Individuals and Groups and might be helpful to manage cultural diversity. In the 21st century, English is claimed to be a Global Language, which is often referred to as Lingua Franca. Successful communication between different countries implies understanding behavioral and cultural differences and making adjustments in their relationships.


Key Words: culture, language, identity.


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