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Logos 94

:. Alvydas Noreika
       Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania





The (No) Reflections of Michel Foucault Philosophy in Vytautas Kavolis’s Lithuanian Studies

The article deals with the problem of the relationship between Vytautas Kavolis’s Lithuanian Studies and philosophy of French post/structuralist Michel Foucault. It questions the established opinion that Kavolis's inquiry into the history of Lithuanian culture is based on Foucault’s ideas. It argues that the influence of these ideas on the Lithuanian thinker is insignificant; for the majority of Kavolis's research topics and methodological means either have nothing in common with those of Foucault's or are explainable by parallelisms in their thinking. In the majority of cases, the Lithuanian thinker developes his own original attitudes independently of the French philosopher. Only in two cases, it is possible to talk about Foucault's direct influence on Kavolis.


Key Words: Vytautas Kavolis, methodology of history of culture, reflections of Foucault philosophy


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